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SOL-KW3 - Solarbotics ScoutWalker III - click to enlarge

SOL-KW3 - Solarbotics ScoutWalker III

Code: solkw3--solarbotics-scoutwalker-ii3
Regular price: $99.95Sale price: $89.95


Solarbotics is pleased to introduce the ScoutWalker III as a very worthy successor to the ScoutWalker I design.

Being more capable, less expensive, and more expandable than any other two-motor walker design on the market makes this kit ideal for your walking robot experiments!

The ScoutWalker III utilizes BEAM Microcore technology in a very robust topology to make this two-motor walker have unusually good agility.This kit features:

GM2 and GM9 gear motors Steel subframe construction Built-in phototropic behavior via IR sensors Two-stage turning gaits (gentle / hard) Dual tactile sensors Accepts Sumovore microcontroller brainboards for building "horse and rider" configurations! Influence or simply take full control of the ScoutWalker - it's up to you and your Sumovore Brainboard! Note: The brainboards are hardware compatible, but we're still working on our version of the software. In the meanwhile, feel free to attack this project using your own BS2, PIC or ATMega8L brainboard. All the connections are documented!

Solarbotics started as a company specializing in kits based on BEAM technology, which meant building simple, effective devices using (often) strange ways. They learned early on that the documentation is not something to do poorly, so you'll find that their kits come with very complete instructions with many, many photos.

Solarbotics uses quality components, and clever circuit board design to make your build as successful as possible

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SOL-KW3 - Solarbotics ScoutWalker III