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Home > Solarbotics > SOL-KPP - Solarbotics Photopper Photovore Kit

SOL-KPP - Solarbotics Photopper Photovore Kit - click to enlarge

SOL-KPP - Solarbotics Photopper Photovore Kit

Code: solkpp--solarbotics-photopper-photovore-kit
Regular price: $56.95Sale price: $45.95


The Photopopper photovore utilizes very small high-efficiency motors in combination with elegant circuitry to make a very active solar powered robot capable of covering a meter (3.3 feet) distance in under a minute!

This Photovore is a capable little robot that is powered entirely by solar energy, has light-sensing directional optics (eyes), and a pair of obstacle avoidance sensors. The pair of infrared detectors on the robot give it a very directed phototropic or light-seeking behavior, making it trace outlines around shadows, and be attracted to the brightest sources of light.

The Photopopper Photovore uses new technology to make a very dynamic light-seeking & obstacle-avoiding robot. All components necessary for the Photopopper are in the kit, including a high-quality printed circuit board, optics, motors, and a very complete 12 page instruction manual with over 26 illustrations and images. The BEAM Photopopper Photovore kit is designed to be a straight-forward kit to assemble and tune, but does require fundamental soldering skills and hand-tool abilities to complete successfully.

(If you're brand-new to BEAM and electronics in general, we suggest you try the SolarSpeeder Kit first).

Solarbotics started as a company specializing in kits based on BEAM technology, which meant building simple, effective devices using (often) strange ways. They learned early on that the documentation is not something to do poorly, so you'll find that their kits come with very complete instructions with many, many photos.

Solarbotics uses quality components, and clever circuit board design to make your build as successful as possible

Ages 12 and up - previous kit building experience required Clear illustrated directions - soldering required Includes DC motor, solar cell and all necessary parts Size: 33.0 x 1.5 x 23.0 cm Tools Required: Typical hand and soldering tools No Batteries Required!

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SOL-KPP - Solarbotics Photopper Photovore Kit