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Home > Beginner Robot Kits > OWIMSK678 - Solar Powered Valiant Viking Ship

OWIMSK678 - Solar Powered Valiant Viking Ship - click to enlarge

OWIMSK678 - Solar Powered Valiant Viking Ship

Code: owimsk678--solar-powered-valiant-viking-s678
Regular price: $17.95Sale price: $15.95


ROW! Letís turn back time when the Vikings used to cross the Atlantic or to sail east. The hard rowing crew used the rolling method to maneuver their large, silent, swift ships through rivers and into the open waters of the Black Sea. The evolution of the 21st Century version of OWIís Valiant Viking Ship is similar in nature but uses alternative energy principle, solar, to power its way through water. The sweat drenched Vikings would have welcomed and appreciated the new and improved method of propulsion.

It would appear the Valiant Viking Ship is ďsmilingĒ as the sun shines providing its rhythmic splashing, as the oars penetrate the waterís edge to create movement. You can almost hear the cheers of the Vikings as they standby and watch the alternative energy principle demonstrate its marvel. Upon completion of its journey, one can moor the ship on its docking station (included). No batteries required and 33 plastic parts to assemble. Itís most advantageous because: itís very inexpensive for individuals or groups; clear easy to follow instructions; motivates students to learn about solar energy; a great self-contained take-home project for boys or girls clubs; challenges young people to be technically precise with miniature parts; teaches students to follow precise visual diagrams; have hours of fun experimenting with solar energy.


Solar Panel Output : 1.1V x 50mA Assembled Size : 170mm x 200mm x 105mm Unit Weight : 5.5 oz Solar Cell Life : 2 yrs in normal use Motor : DC Power Consumption : 1.2V x 10mA

Tool needed : diagonal cutter; screwdriver

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OWIMSK678 - Solar Powered Valiant Viking Ship