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Beginner Robot Kits
  Solar Worm Kit
  F1 Solar Racer Kit
  Solar Astronaut Kit
  Jungle Robot
  Mini Solar Race Car Kit
  Solar Grasshopper Kit
  CK21672 Solar Hopping Frog Kit
  CK21669 - Mini Solar Spider Robot Kit
  CK21673 - Solar Inchworm Robotic Kit
  OWIMSK677 - Solar Flapping Seagull Kit
  OWIMSK674 - Sonic F1 Solar Race Car Kit
  OWIMSK675 - Peppy Orangutan Solar Robot Kit
  CK21890 - Line Tracking Robot Kit
  CK21887 - Follow Me Sound Sensing Robot Kit
  AK870 - Remote Control Car Kit
  OWI9875 - Binary Player Robot
  OWI688 - Amphibious Solar Vehicle
  OWI685 - Triple Action Solar Car
  OWIMSK678 - Solar Powered Valiant Viking Ship

Intermediate Robotic Kits
  Moon Walker II
  Titan Tank Infrared Remote Control kit
  OWIMSK676 - Solar Powered Aerial Cable Car Kit
  CK21533N - Soccer Robot (Botball)
  OWI535 Low Cost Robotic Arm Trainer
  CK21532N - Space Nine Infrared Robot Kit

Advanced Level Robots
  Bioloid Comprehensive Humanoid Robot Kit

Soldering Required Robot Kits
  Learn To Solder Kit
  Sound Reversing Car Kit
  Rockit Robot (Solder Version)
  Line Tracker Robot (Soldering Required)
    No Name

  Lady Bug Robot
  CK21884 - Scarob Robot Kit
  CK21886 - Escape Robot Kit
  MK165 - Crawling Microbug Robot Kit

Electronic Trainers
  Snap Circuits 100 Experiments
  Snap Circuits 300 Experiments
  Snap Circuits 500 Experiments
  Snap Circuits 750 Experiments
  500 in 1 Electronic Trainer

  Robotics Information
    Review of Robot Builder's Sourcebook By William Cox
    A Review of Robot Building For Beginners by William Cox
    Robotics Glossary Part 1 by William Cox
    Robotics Glossary Part 2 by William Cox
    Some Mistakes in Building A Robot by William Cox
    Uncovering Robotics - Robots in the Future by William Cox
    Uncovering Robotics - Robots Now by William Cox
    Uncovering Robotics - Robots in the Past by William Cox

  Robots In The News
    Lego robots know no limits - Corvallis Gazette-Times
    Robots to take care of music
    Eight is enough: Robotics teams among top eight at state
    Robots becoming more affordable
    GMC shows off $1.5-million robotics system
    Geisinger surgeons using robotics
    The Changing Face of Space Robotics
    Hot Bots
    Robotics come into play
    Bio-inspired modules open new horizons for robotics
    Study: Space robots not good idea for effort to repair Hubble Telescope
    Lego robot teams strive for ‘no limits’
    Robot developed for underwater archeological research
    Move over, Mars Rover New generation of geeks learns to build robots in high school
    Local Students Build Robot to Address Needs of People With Disabilities
     All I want for Christmas is a robot slave
    Robots - Our Helpers In Space
    RoboCup takes over the classroom
    Robots Invade Santa Monica
    Meet Rocky, a robot squirrel
    Toy robot takes geek world by storm Interviews Robosapien Toy Robot Creator, Mark W. Tilden
    Self-transforming robots promise versatile future
     Robots are being developed to help people, not replace them
    Ready, set, Lego!
    Robot with the mostest
    Robots soar in popularity

  Robotic Links
    Robotic Articles
    Robotics Institute
    Robotics Online
    KISS Institute Home Page

Tools and Accessories

  SOL-KSS - Solarbotics Solarspeeder Car Kit
  SOL-KHM - Solarbotics Herbie The Mousebot Kit
  SOL-KPP - Solarbotics Photopper Photovore Kit
  SOL-KTB - Solarbotics Turbot Kit
  SOL-KW3 - Solarbotics ScoutWalker III
  SOL-KSV - Solarbotics Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit

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